Item collection 1346298 original

Double Frosted White Blossoms Earrings


Item collection 1352970 original

Deep Purple Crystal Cubes On Leverback Earrings


Item collection 1352994 original

Long Dangle Earrings with Black Crystal Cubes


Item collection 1394303 original

Shiny Black Glass Adjustable Ring


Item collection 1344352 original

Mosaic Green Turquoise Earrings with Copper hearts


Item collection 1344365 original

Onyx and Amber Crystal Bead Drop Earrings


Item collection 1353351 original

Black Onyx and Bright Gold Leverback Earrings


Item collection 1353747 original

Vintage Style True Red Faceted Glass Bead Earrings


Item collection 1353776 original

Pink Cube Glass Beads on Leverback Earrings


Item collection 1957450 original

Green Amazonite and Rose Quartz Memory Wire Bracelet and Earrings


Item collection 1957660 original

Large Golden Brown Art Bead Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1958237 original

Ribbon Necklace with Lampwork Beads and Sea Glass


Item collection 1958358 original

Golden Twilight Vintage Style Necklace


Item collection 1958371 original

Pale Blue Grey Faceted Quartz Earrings with Freshwater Pearls


Item collection 1960042 original

Spiderwebs Inside My Earrings


Item collection 1960397 original

Sweet as Candy Jade Drop Earrings


Item collection 1951139 original

Spotted Leopard Jasper Pendant Necklace


Item collection 1951153 original

Lime Green Turquoise Earrings on Antiqued Brass


Item collection 1951176 original

Blue Candy Jade Earrings Blue Sky Round


Item collection 1952854 original

Gentle Pink and Gold Memory Wire Bracelet


Item collection 1955512 original

Sparkling Green and Bronze Beads with Natural Jasper Necklace


Item collection 1955550 original

Green and Bronze Earrings on French Hooks


Item collection 1955622 original

Fun and Colorful Sunny Day Bracelet


Item collection 2386873 original

Copper Wrapped Bamboo or Mud Jasper Pendant on Copper Necklace


Item collection 1895179 original

Turquoise Tablets on Copper Kidney Wires


Item collection 1895191 original

Crochet Brooch Pin in Turquoise and Blue with Beads


Item collection 1895226 original

Purple Pansy Crochet Brooch Pin Ready to Wear


Item collection 1895319 original

Dark Teal Blue and Purple Brown Brooch Pin in Wool


Item collection 1880212 original

Small Coffee Latte Brooch Pin with Vintage Button


Item collection 1880430 original

Little Nested Cotton Crochet Pots Baskets.


Item collection 1880436 original

Red Cotton Crochet Nested Pots or Baskets


Item collection 1880485 original

3 Dark Wine Red Dish or Face Cloths


Item collection 1880516 original

Two Crochet Cotton Wash Cloths Face Cloths


Item collection 1880537 original

Three Bright BlueDish Cloths Face or Wash Cloths


Item collection 1881150 original

Lacy Love Round Crochet Love Brooch Pin


Item collection 1904810 original

Amigurumi Bird Birdie Birdy


Item collection 1875865 original

Purple Amulet Bag with Copper Medallion


Item collection 1878733 original

Small Fuzzy Red and Purple Flower Brooch Pin


Item collection 1964510 original

Red Sponge Coral Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant Necklace


Item collection 1966320 original

Copper Blues Dichroic Glass Necklace with Beads


Item collection 1966439 original

Leafy Turquoise Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1966442 original

Handmade Beaded Bead in Reds and Gold


Item collection 2313219 original

Shed Deer Antler Tip Earrings No Cruelty Humane


Item collection 2301439 original

Amazing Antler Shed Deer Horn and Kingman Turquoise Necklace


Item collection 2323085 original

Delicate One of a Kind Turquoise and Shed Deer Antler Necklace


Item collection 2326178 original

Round Wire Wrapped Mottled Red Agate Donut on Antiqued Brass Chain


Item collection 2326606 original

Pale Mint Peruvian Opal Wire Wrap Necklace


Item collection 2501285 original

Filigree Leaves with Pale Blue Faceted Beads in Antiqued Brass


Item collection 2501313 original

Long Carved Acrylic Tribal Earrings on Copper with Leaves


Item collection 1866726 original

Felt Brooch Pin with Turquoise Flat Bead


Item collection 1861195 original

Mookaite Bracelet on Copper Wire


Item collection 1861830 original

Little Post Earrings Turquoise and Sterling


Item collection 2028630 original

Two Blue Cotton Knit Scarves Scarf


Item collection 2166213 original

Rust Orange Velour Yarn Neck Warmer Cowl Scarf


Item collection 1431887 original

Little Purple Star Crchet Brooch Pin


Item collection 1431924 original

Hand-Spun Wool Brooch Pin with Maple Leaf


Item collection 1390285 original

Black River Pebble with Collage Adjustable Ring


Item collection 1910697 original

Street with Small Houses Art Pin Brooch


Item collection 1910732 original

On the Corner Felt and Paper Art Brooch


Item collection 1943466 original

Golden Light Dark Night Choker


Handmade Jewelry, Turquoise and Fiber Arts by Mr & Mrs Foxaz

Welcome to our shop! Here you will find handmade deer antler and turquoise jewelry, vintage abalone pins and pendants, vintage style earrings, and hand crocheted items. An eclectic mix, to be sure!