Item collection 2201136 original

Delicate Turquoise Fan Necklace


Item collection 42079 original

Turquoise and Natural Red Lava Bead Necklace


Item collection 208010 original

Aqua Waterfall Pendant Necklace


Item collection 203401 original

Pebble, Glass and Copper Necklace


Item collection 199112 original

Tiny Deer Antler Tip Pendant on Red Leather


Item collection 192219 original

Cedar Wood and Natural Kingman Turquoise Pendant


Item collection 175576 original

Treasures on a Copper Necklace


Item collection 43124 original

Pale Lavender Magnesite and Amethyst Bracelet


Item collection 43120 original

Lavender Magnesite and Amethyst Choker Necklace


Item collection 161655 original

Wire-Wrapped Natural Kingman Turquoise Nugget


Item collection 161651 original

Big Chunky Picture Jasper Wrapped in Copper


Item collection 161644 original

Pale Green Agate Triangle on Leather Cord


Item collection 162056 original

My Agate Has Three Corners Necklace


Item collection 250918 original

Wire Wrapped Natural Kingman Turquoise Necklace


Item collection 1390285 original

Black River Pebble with Collage Adjustable Ring


Item collection 1394303 original

Shiny Black Glass Adjustable Ring


Item collection 792193 original

Blue Skull Cameo on copper 18" Ball Chain


Item collection 637828 original

Dichroic Glass Adjustable Ring


Item collection 588510 original

Natural Blue Kingman Turquoise Hair Clip Pin


Item collection 588526 original

Sparkle Pink and White Flower Ring


Item collection 588537 original

Set of Two Pink Flower Hair Pins Bobby Pins


Item collection 627633 original

Natural Kingman Turquoise Adjustable Ring


Item collection 2323085 original

Delicate One of a Kind Turquoise and Shed Deer Antler Necklace


Item collection 2326178 original

Round Wire Wrapped Mottled Red Agate Donut on Antiqued Brass Chain


Item collection 2326606 original

Pale Mint Peruvian Opal Wire Wrap Necklace


Item collection 1951139 original

Spotted Leopard Jasper Pendant Necklace


Item collection 1952854 original

Gentle Pink and Gold Memory Wire Bracelet


Item collection 1955512 original

Sparkling Green and Bronze Beads with Natural Jasper Necklace


Item collection 1943466 original

Golden Light Dark Night Choker


Item collection 1861195 original

Mookaite Bracelet on Copper Wire


Item collection 2386873 original

Copper Wrapped Bamboo or Mud Jasper Pendant on Copper Necklace


Item collection 2930502 original

Vintage Button Ring Adjustable Gold Tone


Item collection 2930508 original

Bold Black Faceted Gold Rimmed Vintage Button Ring


Item collection 2930514 original

Gold Tone Metal Adjustable Vintage Locket Ring


Item collection 6079232 original

25% OFF! Yellow Turquoise Pendant on Delicate 17 Inch Necklace


Item collection 1875865 original

Purple Amulet Bag with Copper Medallion


Item collection 2097452 original

Crocheted Ring with Green Button


Item collection 2207572 original

Large Stoneware Pendant with Copper Wire and Beads


Item collection 2211983 original

Fabulous Fluorite Adjustable Necklace


Item collection 2214168 original

Moss Agate Pendant on Adjustable Leather Cord Clear and Green


Item collection 2214349 original

Peach Calcite on Adjustable Leather Necklace


Item collection 2214359 original

Lime Green Turquoise Nugget on Adjustable Leather Necklace.


Item collection 1957450 original

Green Amazonite and Rose Quartz Memory Wire Bracelet and Earrings


Item collection 1958237 original

Ribbon Necklace with Lampwork Beads and Sea Glass


Item collection 1958358 original

Golden Twilight Vintage Style Necklace


Item collection 1964510 original

Red Sponge Coral Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant Necklace


Item collection 1966320 original

Copper Blues Dichroic Glass Necklace with Beads


Item collection 1955622 original

Fun and Colorful Sunny Day Bracelet


Item collection 2301439 original

Amazing Antler Shed Deer Horn and Kingman Turquoise Necklace


Item collection 2291987 original

Round Agate and Shed Deer Antler Pendant on Chain No Cruelty


Handmade Jewelry, Turquoise and Fiber Arts by Mr & Mrs Foxaz

Welcome to our shop! Here you will find handmade deer antler and turquoise jewelry, vintage abalone pins and pendants, vintage style earrings, and hand crocheted items. An eclectic mix, to be sure!