Item collection 2064309 original

Big Black Crocheted Brooch Pin with Rainbow Tips


Item collection 169453 original

Felted Dark Teal Blue Brooch Pin


Item collection 207643 original

Fluffy Sparkly Pink and Blue Brooch Pin


Item collection 208042 original

Crochet Black Lace Vintage Button and Beads Brooch


Item collection 201200 original

Green Sea Glass in a Copper Nest Pin Brooch


Item collection 182716 original

Recovering Yarnaholic Pinback Button


Item collection 182520 original

Big Red Carnival Crocheted Brooch Pin


Item collection 638044 original

Large Oval Purple and Lime Crocheted Brooch


Item collection 1431887 original

Little Purple Star Crchet Brooch Pin


Item collection 1431924 original

Hand-Spun Wool Brooch Pin with Maple Leaf


Item collection 2064530 original

Octopi Everywhere!! Brooch Pin Lapel Decoration in Brown, Pink and Purple


Item collection 1895191 original

Crochet Brooch Pin in Turquoise and Blue with Beads


Item collection 1895226 original

Purple Pansy Crochet Brooch Pin Ready to Wear


Item collection 1895319 original

Dark Teal Blue and Purple Brown Brooch Pin in Wool


Item collection 1910697 original

Street with Small Houses Art Pin Brooch


Item collection 1910732 original

On the Corner Felt and Paper Art Brooch


Item collection 1880212 original

Small Coffee Latte Brooch Pin with Vintage Button


Item collection 1881150 original

Lacy Love Round Crochet Love Brooch Pin


Item collection 1866726 original

Felt Brooch Pin with Turquoise Flat Bead


Item collection 1878733 original

Small Fuzzy Red and Purple Flower Brooch Pin


Handmade Jewelry, Turquoise and Fiber Arts by Mr & Mrs Foxaz

Welcome to our shop! Here you will find handmade deer antler and turquoise jewelry, vintage abalone pins and pendants, vintage style earrings, and hand crocheted items. An eclectic mix, to be sure!