Item collection 2034402 original

Winter Wear - Warm Brown Cowl Neckwarmer


Item collection 2096293 original

Pink Crackled Glass Vintage Style Earrings


Item collection 2064309 original

Big Black Crocheted Brooch Pin with Rainbow Tips


Item collection 2201136 original

Delicate Turquoise Fan Necklace


Item collection 2205405 original

Dainty Green Squares with Copper Leaves


Item collection 2205447 original

Cobalt Blue Dots Long Dangle Earrings


Item collection 2930502 original

Vintage Button Ring Adjustable Gold Tone


Item collection 2930508 original

Bold Black Faceted Gold Rimmed Vintage Button Ring


Item collection 2930514 original

Gold Tone Metal Adjustable Vintage Locket Ring


Item collection 850475 original

Handmade Lampwork Bead Earrings


Item collection 850512 original

Big Juicy Faceted Grape Glass Bead Earrings


Item collection 850575 original

Ceramic Cubes Teal Green and Brown Earrings


Item collection 850741 original

Little Diamond Shape Dangles


Item collection 1390285 original

Black River Pebble with Collage Adjustable Ring


Item collection 1394303 original

Shiny Black Glass Adjustable Ring


Item collection 1957450 original

Green Amazonite and Rose Quartz Memory Wire Bracelet and Earrings


Item collection 1957660 original

Large Golden Brown Art Bead Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1958237 original

Ribbon Necklace with Lampwork Beads and Sea Glass


Item collection 1958358 original

Golden Twilight Vintage Style Necklace


Item collection 1958371 original

Pale Blue Grey Faceted Quartz Earrings with Freshwater Pearls


Item collection 1960042 original

Spiderwebs Inside My Earrings


Item collection 1960397 original

Sweet as Candy Jade Drop Earrings


Item collection 1943466 original

Golden Light Dark Night Choker


Item collection 1951139 original

Spotted Leopard Jasper Pendant Necklace


Item collection 1951153 original

Lime Green Turquoise Earrings on Antiqued Brass


Item collection 1951176 original

Blue Candy Jade Earrings Blue Sky Round


Item collection 1952854 original

Gentle Pink and Gold Memory Wire Bracelet


Item collection 1955512 original

Sparkling Green and Bronze Beads with Natural Jasper Necklace


Item collection 1955550 original

Green and Bronze Earrings on French Hooks


Item collection 1955622 original

Fun and Colorful Sunny Day Bracelet


Item collection 2204362 original

Fancy Long Red-Orange Leaf Dangle Earrings


Item collection 2204366 original

Spring is Coming Blue Floral Green Leafy Earrings


Item collection 2204734 original

'Shrooms! Orange and Blue Mushroom Earrings on Sterling Wires


Item collection 2204791 original

Go Green - Long Green Teardrop Earrings on Gold Plated Findings/


Item collection 2204823 original

Opalite Vintage Style Leverback Earrings Opal Glowing Glass


Item collection 2205454 original

Yellow Spring Flowers Long Dangle Earrings Posies Blossoms


Item collection 249824 original

Butterflies are (Almost) Free! Earrings


Item collection 250918 original

Wire Wrapped Natural Kingman Turquoise Necklace


Item collection 259394 original

Black Lily Dangle Earrings


Item collection 2064498 original

Purple Wool Scarf with White Flecks


Item collection 2064510 original

Octopi Winter Neckwear Scarf Fascinator- Octopus Tentacles


Item collection 2064530 original

Octopi Everywhere!! Brooch Pin Lapel Decoration in Brown, Pink and Purple


Item collection 2070930 original

Hand Spun, Hand Dyed Wool Crocheted Bib Collar Neckpiece


Item collection 2097452 original

Crocheted Ring with Green Button


Item collection 2097541 original

Textile Ring with Asian Style Wooden Bead


Item collection 2386873 original

Copper Wrapped Bamboo or Mud Jasper Pendant on Copper Necklace


Item collection 1895226 original

Purple Pansy Crochet Brooch Pin Ready to Wear


Item collection 1895319 original

Dark Teal Blue and Purple Brown Brooch Pin in Wool


Item collection 1904810 original

Amigurumi Bird Birdie Birdy


Item collection 1895179 original

Turquoise Tablets on Copper Kidney Wires


Item collection 1895191 original

Crochet Brooch Pin in Turquoise and Blue with Beads


Item collection 1910697 original

Street with Small Houses Art Pin Brooch


Item collection 1910732 original

On the Corner Felt and Paper Art Brooch


Item collection 1881150 original

Lacy Love Round Crochet Love Brooch Pin


Item collection 2216613 original

Mottled Red and Brown Agate Earrings


Item collection 2216846 original

Vintage Style Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Four Pearls


Item collection 2216879 original

Purple Matte Lampworked Beads Vintage Style Earrings


Item collection 2216885 original

Red Faceted Valentines Day Earrings


Item collection 2214168 original

Moss Agate Pendant on Adjustable Leather Cord Clear and Green


Item collection 2214349 original

Peach Calcite on Adjustable Leather Necklace


Handmade Jewelry, Turquoise and Fiber Arts by Mr & Mrs Foxaz

Welcome to our shop! Here you will find handmade deer antler and turquoise jewelry, vintage abalone pins and pendants, vintage style earrings, and hand crocheted items. An eclectic mix, to be sure!